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Nucleus Farms 650 sows

Green Tech Concept eincludes three essential rules for the management of a pig values.


  1. Equipment for filtration,
  2. Positive pressure,
  3. Devices for heating and cooling system.
  1. Conducted in strict band,
  2. Respect with sanitary procedures,
  3. Organization of work.


  1. Functional,
  2. Adapted to the physiology of animals,
  3. Robust and easy to disinfect materials.
  1. Control of the first cost of livestock (+ 55 %),
  2. Cleanliness and hygiene,
  3. Reliable and resistant.
  1. Genetic best French productivity,
  2. Carcass quality and meat quality,
  3. Safety and health guarantee.


  1. Significant decrease in gas emanation,
  2. Mastery of air contaminants.
  1. Solutions chosen and adapted to the constraints and needs.
  1. Technology of the 21st Century,
  2.  Step recovery manure by separation of the solid and liquid phases,
  3. Improved air atmosphere and living conditions of animals,
  4. Improved performance : ADG, feed conversion , health status , …