PIG ASIA Vietnam

PIG ASIA continues its Asian Development in Vietnam and has signed a partnership agreement with the company:

TPD Co.Ltd.
83/414 KP.4QL.15Phuong Tan MaiBien HoaDong NaiVietnam
Office Mailing Address: 4A7 KDC An BinhPhuong An BinhBien HoaDong NaiVietnam
Mobile: +84-91-9692649 Tel: +84-61-3-935213 Fax: +84-61-3935214
E-mail: krissda@tienphatdat.com & bearband66@yahoo.com

PIG ASIA Vietnam and ILDEX presentation at the fair last March 19 to 21 and presented to Vietnamese investors its expertise in breeding pigs in the tropics.

The first project studies are underway to make an offer Turnkey with different partners PIG ASIA.