PIG ASIA proposes the best of the French genetics in lineages of pure races :

Female lineages : Large White – Landrace

The main axes of selection of the female lineages are :

• The productivity of sows (the number of alive born piglets, the number of weaned piglets, the rhythm of reproduction, ….)

The maternal qualities of sows (the capacity of sows to wean the piglets, the number of teats, the dairy capacity of sows, the homogeneity of the weight of the piglets in the birth, …)

• Les caractères de production (la croissance, la composition corporelle, …)

Male lineages : Duroc – Pietrain

The main axes of selection of the male lineages are :
• The growth of animals in fattening
• The food efficiency
• The composition of carcasses (thicknesses of fat, rate of muscle,…)
• The quality of the meat (water retention, intramuscular fat,…)