The Sanitary Safety

The “work forward” for persons and animals is the priority in a pig breeding and must be respected to the everyday life to insure the sanitary safety of the breeding:

  • Unique sanitary airlock and placed in the entry of the breeding with compulsory shower for all the persons entering the building.
  • Clean holding and with one color by building available on the entry of the building.
  • Independent quarantine, isolated, allowing the adaptation of the young breeders
  • One building by physiological stage with traffic area of animals and employees in the gable of building
  • The electric installations (engines, turbine, filters, scrapers, …) are accessible from outside the buildings. Maintenance very limited by the inside of buildings.

The advantages of the technical control in breeding and the rigor of conduct with the Green Tech Concept.

Comparative results in 160 breedings on best practice in breeding
(IFIP data)

    • + 1,9 commercials pigs / sow / year
    • + 28 g / day ADG (Average Daily Gain)
    • + 0,54 point Carcasse Quality
    • – 0,14 point of feed conversion
    • – 2,2 % loose rate
    • Economic Benefit = + 182 € / sow / year